Each Nation and each Industry Sector bears an individual responsibility in the fight against climate change. The refrigeration, heating and cooling industry recognises the role it can play to reduce direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases.

The Organisations who endorse this statement call upon the National Governments to responsibly shape today the climate opportunities of tomorrow, and acknowledge the potential of Natural Refrigerants.


Natural Refrigerants, including hydrocarbons, ammonia, carbon dioxide, water and air have negligible global warming potential, and no ozone depletion potential. Natural Refrigerants are already the predominant option or can readily replace fluorinated gases in many sectors today. We call upon National Governments to acknowledge their potential to address direct emissions globally.

Natural Refrigerants have been known for decades as low-cost substances offering a technically viable and efficient solution for refrigeration, heating and cooling applications. They can be used safely applying industry best practice. We call upon National Governments to remove inappropriate obstacles, including national and international trade barriers and revise safety standards, codes and legislation that restrict their use without merit.

The Manufacturers and Users of refrigeration, heating and cooling equipment are convinced that Natural Refrigerants offer unexploited potential for developed and developing countries. We call upon National Governments to provide financial and non-financial support for the research and promotion of Natural Refrigerants and equipment based on these substances, as well as to facilitate a technology transfer from developed to developing countries, to fully exploit their ecological, economic, and social potential.

Effective action on fluorinated gases is a ‘low hanging fruit’. We call upon National Governments to agree on an ambitious schedule for the reduction of hydrofluorocarbons in developed and developing countries under the Montreal Protocol without further delay. The signatories of this Statement stand ready to support Natural Refrigerants as a future-proof solution, and call upon National Governments to do the same.

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The Natural Voice is an open global statement supported by Industry and other parties speaking out about the potential of Natural Refrigerants as a mainstream solution in a growing number of sectors already today and their potential to replace potent greenhouse gases in many others.

The Natural Voice statement will be presented to National Governments and International Climate Negotiators to acknowledge the ecological, economic, and social benefits of CO2, ammonia, hydrocarbons, water, air and other natural refrigerants. It sends a positive message to industry, legislators and individuals looking for future-proof heating, refrigeration and air-conditioning solutions to the climate crisis we are facing.

The Natural Voice project will build on this statement to develop actionable initiatives around the world.

The more Organisations add their own voice to The Natural Voice, the stronger it will grow. It is open to industry, associations, non-profit organisations, and any other party or individual supporting its values.
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